Iridium 27 & Gorizont 23

Ron Lee (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 20:52:54 -0700

Ron Lee, RGL, Lat = 38.9478, Long = -104.5614, Alt = 2073 m

91-046 A 98-01-07 02:10      RGL 2547.9 0.5  50 50.96 

97-051 D 98-01-07 01:01.8    RGL   60.4 0.5  17  3.55

91-046 A is the Gorizont 23 GEO flasher (#21533).   It was just
west of the meridian and unlike the obs on 27 Dec, it was very faint.
At time it might have been visible in 7x50 binocs but it would have
been difficult.  I was a bit concerned that my period seemed too
different from Rob's last night.  A check of the stopwatch seems OK
but another accurate period soon will verify the validity of this 

97-051 D is Iridium 27 (#24947).  This was about a 67 deg pass in the west,
northbound, just after 6 PM local.   In the beginning, there was a ramp up
in brightness, followed by a quick flash...then a second flash.  My obs of
a few days ago only noted a ramp up followed by a single flash.  I suspect
that the second flash tonight was the solitary one seen a few days ago.
This time I watched the satellite towards the northern horizon.   The flash 
pattern changed a bit to just two times brighter than when in the
south.   None were seen that rivaled a decent normal Iridium flare.

Ron Lee