Gorizont 23 obs

6 Jan 1998 16:05:40 -0800

Hello all (and mostly Kurt Jonckheere):

I finally got clear enough skies to search for Gorizont 23 last night (Monday
evening, January 5th, 1998) from Belmont Shore, CA.  Coordinates were
33.7602 N, 118.1295 W, 5m MSL.  The flashes were close to my observing
limit -- probably 8th magnitude, but not brighter than 7th.  After observing a
couple flashes to get into a rhythm, I started my stop watch at the next flash
at 1998/01/06 03:51:05.34 UTC.

I timed the next 6 consecutive flashes for a total of 7 flashes, and 6
periods.  Final flash was at 03:56:11.55, for a total duration of 00:05:06.21,
or 306.21 seconds.  My reaction time accuracy was probably around 0.5 seconds,
so I calculate a period of 51.035 seconds +/- .083 seconds.  I wanted to
time it longer, but got interrupted by a phone call.  When I tried to
it over an hour later, I was unsuccessful.

Barring bad weather, I'll attempt to extend the observation period tonite.