Last Call: Lunar Prospector TLEs

Ron Lee (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 06:55:04 -0700

The first orbit below represents the pre-lunar insertion burn.  I am 
assuming that the second point is during the orbit to the moon and
that at some point (unknown time), it is at 3.8 deg S, 343.1 deg E, and
a height of 24143 km.   I have been unsuccessful in creating any sort
of tranfer orbit...due to limited ability in that area.

If I had a time associated with a lat,long, altitude, I could generate
look angle.   If anyone is able to find, create,etc, a set of look angles,
positions with time, or pseudo-elsets for the early part of the lunar
transfer orbit, I would apppreciate it.   I have only a few hours after
launch to try to see it.

Ron Lee
104.5614 W, 38.9478 N, 2073 m, UT-7 (MST), Colorado USA

>                                    LUNAR PROSPECTOR LUNAR PROSPECTOR
>EPOCH (D/HH:MM:SS.SSS):             006/02:27:37.000 006/02:28:37.000
>PERIOD (MIN):                         87.928         ********
>INCLINATION (DEG):                   29.152           29.156
>ECCENTRICITY (DEG):                 0.002548         0.967634
>SEMI-MAJOR AXIS (KM):                6550.0796       **********
>ARGUMENT OF PERIGEE (DEG):          192.296          318.569
>RA OF ASCENDING NODE (DEG):         303.075          303.069
>MEAN ANOMALY (DEG):                 121.253            0.700
>START ORBIT TIME (HHH:MM:SS.SSS)MET:000:56:37.000    000:56:38.000
>END ORBIT TIME (HHH:MM:SS.SSS)MET:  002:56:20.000    252:00:00.000
>HEIGHT (KM):                          179.3983       24143.0763
>INJECTION LATITUDE (DEG):            20.71S            3.798S
>INJECTION LONGITUDE (DEG):          118.31E          343.086E
>INJECTION INERTIAL AZIMUTH (DEG):    68.895          121.133
>INJECTION TIME (D/HH:MM:SS.SSS):    006/02:27:37.000 006/02:28:37.000