RE: tle's and gzip

Mon, 5 Jan 1998 21:43:02 EST

In response to a question earlier about where to find large tle files and how
to find the gzip utility.

gzip can be found at the kilroy website along with the listings of TLE's.  The
address of the site is:

All files at this site are compressed with the gzip format.  You will need to
download "" and decompress it.  Then do the following

1.    The tle's at this site will have a "z" extension

2.     Decompress the file by typing                                   gzip -d

3.     It will decompress the file and convert it to

The decompressed file will have no extension.  You may have to modify this
elset  by inserting line feeds and carrage returns (LF and CR) if this will
not run on your software.

I'm not sure at this time what the best soloution is to inserting lf's and
cr's.  I insert them using my satspy program but I believe you need the
"registered" version to do this since the demo will not allow acess to its
utilities.  Everything else on the demo is functional.