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Larry Van Horn (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 17:45:11 -0500

>From the email I have received recently there has been some confusion over
the nomenclatures for the latest round of USA DoD military launches. So
being the good journalist I called my source at USSPACECOM this morning and
that person has come back with the answers I was seeking. To the "Master"
(Sir Phillip) across the pond, I bow humbly in your direction. You are a
true genius. ;-) 

64A	25017	Lacrosse 3 (USA 133)
65A	25019	DSCS III B13
65C	25021	Falcon Gold
67A	25030	GPS 38 (USA 134)
68A	25034 	Trumpet 3 (USA 136)

According to my source no spacecraft with USA 135 has been launched yet!
Standby to standby. BTW-I can through official NASA channels confirm the
nomenclature of 64A as Lacrosse 3/USA 133. It really doesn't get any better
than that. 

Now I wonder what mission that was suppose to fly in the fourth quarter got
cancelled and will be reflown at a later date and maybe pick up the USA 135
designator? Or maybe the DSCS launch was suppose to get USA 135 but it
failed to reach a proper orbit. At any rate, we will know soon enough I'm sure.

Be good all,

Larry Van Horn
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