Iridium 27 'strobe'
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 22:27:55 -0700

Thanks Craig for the confirmation of Iridium 27 flashing. By my guess there
were 5 flashes, probably more when it came by here. It's magnitude must have
been pretty good for it to reflect off of the smoke coming from my furnace.
I was by my patio door which faces due east and by the time i saw the 2
flashes until i stepped out to look for Lacrosse 2 was only a few seconds. I
looked straight up for Lacrosse 2, found it and trailed it as it headed NE
that's when i saw the 'strobe'. It was so bright that i first thought it was
strobe from a low flying aircraft, there's an airbase 8km from my place but
i didn't hear no noise. I watched it going north, there was one more
'strobe' and then it quickly faded away. There will be another pass tomorrow
night, i hope the skies are clear. If anyone else manages to catch it, post
it to the list.