Iridium strobe
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 18:56:35 -0700

After 3 days of snow, the skies cleared so i was able to do my first
observing of the new year. As i was waiting inside, it is -25C at the
moment, i noticed a couple of flashes reflecting off the smoke from my
furnace. But i figured it was just lights of a car. The time for Lacrosse 2
to passby was at hand so i stepped out on my deck and moments later it came
into view. However something else caught my eye, a flash was seen high in
the eastern sky, it looked like a strobe anti-collision light from an
aircraft but after a few seconds, it went away. It was much brighter than
the nearst bright star, Capella. Since Iridium 30 was to flare about 10
minutes later, i went inside and checked to see if there were any Iridiums
nearby. Iridium 27 matched the direction and time. So if you have a
prediction for a flare, check to see what other Iridiums in the group will
be passing overhead and when, you just may get a nice sight. I know i did.