Re: Cosmos 2348 being deorbited?

Alan Pickup (
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 10:22:29 +0000

Ed Cannon <> writes
>>Subject:  Sixty Day Decay Forecast
>>   Date:  December 26, 1997
>>Effective December 24, 1997 the objects listed below are forecasted to decay
>>within the next 60 days on the date indicated:
>>International                             Catalog  Forecasted    
>>Designation    Name                       Number   Decay Date    
>>1997-080A      COSMOS 2348                25095    January     01
>Since it was not in the most recent Satevo Decay Report from Alan Pickup,
>I wonder if it's a decay prediction or a deorbit "announcement"?

I suspect that this is a decay prediction (not deorbit knowledge) based
on Cosmos 2348's orbit prior to a boost on December 23. My own analysis
prior to that date suggested decay on January 4, but I omit known
"powered" objects from my SatEvo decay list. There has been at least one
further boost, I think late on December 29. The current orbit, if left
alone, would decay about January 26.

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