Matching observed object

Luca Bertagnolio (
Thu, 1 Jan 1998 21:41:19 +0100 (CET)

Hello list, and a visually happy new year!  :-)

This morning, after coming home from the usual new year's party,
I was briefly testing my brand new Christmas present, an 8x56 Zeiss
binocular, on the wonderful late night sky here in Sardinia.

While looking at Alcor and Mizar, just overhead, some bright object
came into the field of view of the binocular, moving northbound, at
an estimated magnitude of 2.

I would like to know what object was luckily spotted by me, and here is
the data:

Lat 39 0 N
Lon 8 56 E
Time 5:10:00 UTC

To all of the ones which will answer I ask also what software and procedure
was used to match the observation with the correct object;  today I tried
downloading the latest keps from, but Nova for Windows
is probably not the best software to use for such matching.  I tried with
the Iridium birds but found no match.

Thanks in advance and ciao!

Luca Bertagnolio IK2OVV
ITAMSAT IO-26 Project