Observing Program of the BWGS

Wed, 31 Jan 1996 08:37:22 +0100 (CET)

The Belgian Working Group Satellites has been active in collecting flash
period measurements since 1987. Our priority list contains over 200

New in the archive :

1. Overview of BWGS program (including recent observations)
Send a message with Subject: archive get program/program.*
to SeeSat-L-request@iris01.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de
Send a message with Subject: archive get program/satjan96.txt
to the same address, to get accompanying notes by Tristan Cools (Satorama).

2. PPAS-update 12 

Send a message with Subject: archive get ppas/ppas5-12.obs
to SeeSat-L-request@iris01.plasma.mpe-garching.mpg.de
to get the most recent update to our database of Flash Period 
Observations (PPAS). 

Priority codes :

b       flashing object for beginners
d       difficult to measure
S       steady object, potentially flashing in the future
?       flash period is unknown or uncertain
-       long flash period (>40 s)
!       top-priority object
	regular object
x       additional code for DRA project 

Changes in this month's program :

77- 65B/10144: new, for low latitudes; short period     
80- 03B/11668: stagnation or decreasing slowly  
82-102B/13618: new, flashing acc to MM          
88- 01A/18748: new, could be doing something    
88- 16J/18945: nothing happened, probably       
89- 28B/19922: scatter; seems to be dtm        
89- 17B/19827: variations seen by WV            
90- 17B/20509: long period now                 
90- 78A/20774: also long period now ?         
94- 02D/22966: new, Proton Block DM in GTO     
94- 61A/23278: new, flashing like 90-78A ?              
95- 17D/23548: correct Cospar number added      
95- 46C/23659: seems to be steady                       
95- 72B/23752: new, Skipper, interesting
95- 72C/23753: new, A2E IRS 1C
96- 04B/23774: new, C1 Kosmos 2327
Observers of December 95

HK*:    Horst Kohnke, Stade/Elbe, Germany                                  
KJ:     Kurt Jonckheere, Oostende, Belgium      
LB:     Leo Barhorst, Alkmaar, The Netherlands  
MM:     Mike McCants, Austin, Texas, USA             
PM:     Paul Maley, Houston, Texas, USA                                     
RE:     Russell Eberst, Edinburgh, Scotland
RGL:    Ron Lee, Falcon, USA
RK:     Rainer Kracht, Elmshorn, Germany
TC:     Tristan Cools, Brugge, Belgium
WV:     Willy Verhaeghen, Wetteren, Belgium

Total number of observations: 569
Welcome to the new observer: Ron Lee (RGL) !
*Many observations of the late Horst Kohnke have been added to the PPAS 
update, this explains the high number of observations this month.

To prevent that the program becomes too large and also because 'Satflash' 
can't read more than approximately 250 satellites, I decided to delete all 
steady J-objects.  However it is important to check from time to time if 
these objects are still steady or not.  As we know, the Kosmos rocket is 
maybe the most important object concerning accelerations.  So don't forget 
to tell us if something happended to those steady Kosmos rockets.

Next deadline for sending in observations: February 9, 1996
    Tristan Cools (tcools@nic.INbe.net)
  & Bart De Pontieu (bdp@mpe.mpe-garching.mpg.de)