A Basic Satellite Reference

Mon, 29 Jan 1996 13:01:14 -0500 (EST)

    Beginning satellite spotters will find a lot to like in the 
August 1995 issue of AIR FORCE magazine.  This is their annual 
Space Almanac issue, with 18 pages that include:
  definitions of space terms such as magnetosphere, ground track, etc.
  list of US space firsts
  July 94-July 95 chronology of US space events
  Major Military Satellite systems (what DCSC, DSP, etc. stand for)
  Major US Civilian Satellite in military use
                                   (what ACTS, NNSS, etc. stand for)
  military functions in space (definitions)
  major US agencies in space
  recent space news  
  proposals and projects
  upcoming Shuttle flights
  NASA spending for 1995, by major missions
  current US launchers
  and more.
    This is mostly US information, but there are also statistical breakdowns
of Russian space activity, Russian launch site activity, payloads in orbit
(by nationality), and more.  I was impressed by the "Russian operational
spacecraft" that listed the number of active satellites and explained the
major mission of Oko, GEO-IK, Granat, Gorizont, etc. 

    Experienced satellite spotters probably have most of this information
already.  This would be excellent reading for beginners and anyone looking
for detailed information on US activity.  

    US addresses, US$3; overseas, US$5.  

    Air Force Magazine
    1501 Lee Highway
    Arlington, VA  22209-1198

(703) 247-5800 extension 5722

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