Russian/American Space Programs

Jeff Hunt (
Fri, 26 Jan 96 10:02:08 EST

Somewhat off-topic to visual satellite observing, I believe the following is 
a very informative home page for those interested in the American/Russian 
Space Program.  Here is an excerpt from the Dome-L Digest whose topic is 
normally related to Planetariums.  I only scanned the home page quickly, but 
there seems to be a lot of "Former Soviet Union" information here on the 
Russian Space Program that I have not found on the net previously. 
Hopefully, this info will be useful to some seesat-l subscribers. Jeff Hunt 
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			DOME-L Digest 70

Jennifer (Green) maintains an excellent homepage that is chockful of
information on the Russian/American space programs.  This is the best
homepage I have seen on this topic; the information is correct and
accurate.  The URL is:

Rob Landis

 Jennifer L. Green    | Friends and Partners in Space, Project Director    | 
 *** information and projects dealing with US/Russian space programs ***

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