Double mails
Fri, 26 Jan 1996 15:26:25 +0100

Leo Barhorst <> wrote :

>I recieve a lot of answers to my messages on Seesat. I don't mind.
>But as they are posted to Seesat-L and to me personally I got
>them TWICE! As long as the messages aren't private just send
>them only to Seesat; as a subscriber I'll get them.

I can occasionally use the wrong reply icon in my MS
Exchange program. But the real problem is that I can't
remember for certain who is a member and who is not :

A lot of addresses are shown in mails forwarded from
News Groups, and in Cc: fields to program authors etc.,
and their replies may be sent through seesat-l !
Maybe everybody should be encouraged to indicate in
their 'mail footers' ('signature field') that they are
seesat members ? (But mine required an extra line)

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