STS-72 reentry OBS, etc.

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Wed, 24 Jan 1996 02:38:29 -0500

The postings in the appendix are taken from the newsgroup sci.astro. 
Concerning the last post, I am unable to distinguish between two 
possibilities.  It may be a somewhat convoluted response to a previous bad 
experience with a flood of response from those who see their favorite 
theory in every event or it may be an illegimate attempt to spill UFO 
discussion into sci.astro.  In any event, I can't take it very seriously. 
Walter Nissen  
They don't all occult Capella. 
From: (Carl Holmberg) 
Subject: STS-72 Reentry Sighting: Tucson, AZ 
Date: Sat Jan 20 03:21:33 1996 
The fireball appeared at about 12:22am MST, peaked at 30 degs up, and was 
visible for about two minutes. The ion trail remained visible for about 
another five minutes. 
The glow of the trail was florescent white, much like the sunlit exhaust 
trials from evening launches at Vandenburg, while the fireball was orange. 
All in all, much more spectacular than I had imagined. This was an event 
to wake the family for. 
From: (Tom Polakis) 
Subject: Re: STS-72 Reentry Sighting: Tucson, AZ 
Date: Sat Jan 20 14:37:05 1996 
Saw it from a site 50 miles south of Phoenix.  From there, it only reached 
an altitude of about 10 degrees above the horizon.  Great description of 
the ion trail.  It was spectacular hanging over a dark southern horizon. 
I'm hooked from now on. 
Tom Polakis 
Tempe, AZ 
From: (Michael W. Price) 
Subject: sighting 
Date: Sat Jan 20 00:20:49 1996 
Did anyone see anything travel through the constellation of Orion on 
19Jan96.  If so write back with approx time for verification and we will 
talk.  Pretty strange...

We are all made of Star Dust... (Michael W. Price)
Virginia Beach, Va