SV: Satellite tracking software for Mead
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 18:55:57 +0100

Nick Quinn <> wrote :

>In the November S & T there was an advert for some software to control a
>Meade LX200 to allow satellite tracking.
>I E-mailed the address given in the ad but have received no reply.
>Has anyone used this software and could perhaps submit a report?

>Clear skies, Nick.

The last wish is very appropriate. I started e-mail talks with Ron   
( in December, and got quick replies. I have now
received the package, but we've had lousy weather, and it appears to
continue until the moon gets back on the evening sky.

I don't own a Meade, but a friend of mine and I have been promised to
borrow one for a week, and I think this justifies the purchase of the   
program !
I will let you know later if our results agree with this optimism.

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