Re: Radioactive Debris

Jeff Hunt (
Sun, 21 Jan 96 08:34:30 EST

Thanks for compiling that list from the satsit report.  Let's hope they stay 
in orbit for a long time as they are high level waste/cores.  The Russian's 
purposely ejected the cores them from their LEO surveillance satellites 
(mostly from their radar sea-surveillance sats) to a higher long term 
storage orbit.  My recollections is that a couple failed to go into a higher 
orbit and reentered.  The most well known was the one that entered the 
atmosphere over northern Canada many years ago.  The U.S. recently bought an 
engineering model, which I think included the fueled core, to see how we 
could make use of the design in our sats needing a large power supply.  
Haven't heard any more how we might make use of them but that doesn't mean 
we won't use the design.  Hopefully, others will contribute to this topic.
Jeff Hunt, Charlotte Hall, Md.  38.51N, 76.76W