Re: Cosmos 2322r

Clement Drolet (
17 Jan 96 23:11:09 EST

In a reply Joe Delinger wrote:
>        When I saw it it clearly had two distinct maxima and two distinct
>minima. The two maxima were about the same brightness, but one was much
>"sharper" than the other. The two minima were very different, with one much
>dimmer than the other. Jan 11 you must have only seen one of the maxima,


That's certainly what happened. So the real flash period of 95-058B is
more likely 1 sec instead of .5 sec.

Do you or anybody have an idea why this secondary maximum is varying in
intensity from day to day? I've also observed this behavior with 94-074B
(Resurs 1-3 r).

I suppose it's linked to the satellite-observer geometry, but I can't
really figure out why.

Clement Drolet