Cosmos 2322r

Clement Drolet (
16 Jan 96 22:36:40 EST

I've read a few messages about 95-058B (Cosmos 2322 r) and I have observed it
several times. I have three entries in my log during the december spell and two
in the current one.

1995 dec 02 @ 23h08UT flasher, too fast to be measured < 0.5sec
1995 dec 06 @ 22h12UT
1995 dec 07 @ 22h00UT 60 rev/23 sec                 = 0.4  sec
1996 jan 11 @ 22h38UT 30 rev/28 sec + 30 rev/29 sec = 0.95 sec
1996 jan 15 @ 23h27UT 40 rev/21 sec + 40 rev/20 sec = 0.51 sec

I may have missed one or two maxima, and the timing is probably accurate
to +or- .5 sec. But I'm wondering how it could have double it's spin
in just four days? I was so surprised to see it at a period of 1 sec on
Jan 11th that I didn't pay attention to look for a secondary maximum
but I think it's the only logical explanation: a period of 1 sec with
a secondary maximum of variable intensity. Is there a physical behavior
that could explain this? The satellite was in the eastern sky on Jan 11th
and in the western one on Jan 15th.

Clement Drolet