Clement Drolet (
16 Jan 96 22:35:13 EST

>The SeeSat-L list is a mailing list for satellite observers. If you have
>just subscribed, please submit a short introduction (about yourself, your
>interest in satellites and where you heard about SeeSat-L) to the list
>with the following explosive address :

I've just joined the list, so I couldn't resist to this kind invitation ;-)

I started observing satellites last september, since I have seen 199
satellites out of 417 observations. I'm using SeeSat by Paul Hirose
to generate my predictions. In fact it's a version I modified to better
suit my needs and my computer (an Amiga 3000). I'm also using Ted Molczan's
base and I got SeeSat-L list address in the notes appended to the TLEs.
I use the output of the program to generate files for Distant Suns to
visualize satellites paths in the sky.

I'm a member of the RASC, Centre de Quebec and most of my observing is
done from Beaumont, Qc. Canada (+46.85N,70.96W) with 8x56 binoculars.

I've tried timing some satellites but I'm not yet used to it, even though
it's quite interesting. I was amazed to see 94-077 B slow down from a
1.67 sec period on Oct 12th to a 2.64 sec on Dec 2nd.

Clement Drolet