Vandenburg AFB newspaper
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 20:05:48 -0500 (EST)

========NOTE:  the enclosed information has been updated 
and confirmed since it was first posted a year ago on the 
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     Satellite spotters with 24 dollars to gamble might want to 
investigate a "different" source of satellite information.
     The SPACE & MISSILE TIMES is the post newspaper for 
Vandenberg Air Force Base.  It is published weekly and runs 
about 20 to 24 pages.  While most of the "news" is quite mundane, 
there are occasional stories about payloads or launchers that make 
very interesting reading.
     In the November 4, 1994 issue there was a three-page spread 
on Space Launch Complex 10 West, a 137-acre site on North Vandenberg 
listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  SLC-10W was once 
used to train British crews on the Thor missile.  The place is 
open for civilians to visit on tours!  The USAF has a four-person 
detachment supporting SLC-10W and the other location open to the
public, 395-Charlie (a Titan II launch site).
     The same article mentions the Western Spaceport Museum 
in nearby Lompoc.  I've never seen this museum, but I would enjoy 
hearing from anyone who has been there.  I hope it exists.
     SPACE & MISSILE TIMES back issues, postpaid, are a dollar apiece.  
Six months' subscription (26 issues) is $24.  According to Jennifer 
in the subscription department, prices are the same for US or foreign 
addresses.  Make your checks out to "The Lompoc Record", 
which is the newspaper in nearby Lompoc that does the actual 
compiling and printing.

     The Lompoc Record
     Space & Missile Times
     115 North H Street
     Lompoc, CA  93436
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