Re: OIG d(A)ta file

Jonathan McDowell (
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 17:55:03 -0500

In response to Jeff Hunt's posting, I note that the OIG elements
for 95011K are clearly spurious. They probably are the elements
of an old Blok-DM2 SOZ unit from a geostationary launch; these
go into high apogee geostationary transfer orbits at 46.7 deg inclination.
I confirm that the 96004A launch appears to be the Kosmos - I just
posted the following to my JSR web page:

Kosmos-2327 was launched on Jan 16 from Plesetsk into a 947 x 1020 km x
83.0 deg orbit, characteristic of a navigation satellite in the Parus
series. It is in the same plane as the Parus satellite launched in Nov
1993 and named Kosmos-2266. The ground track is consistent with an
ontime launch at 1534 UTC.


  - Jonathan McDowell