Different flash period for 95 58B?????

Mon, 15 Jan 1996 20:37:27 -0500

I just finished observing 95 58 B  (23705) on 16 Jan 96 UT on a 53 degree
pass from the NNW to SE from Falcon, CO.  The approximate period while at 0
deg azimuth, 25 degree elevation was 0.49 sec (49.11 sec for 100 flashes)
 starting about 109 UT.  Just after passing Capella, azimuth 70 degrees, 52
degrees elevation, the period was about 1.01 sec (50.26 sec for 50 flashes).
 Given that I may have miscounted the number of flashes, the period was
double when abeam me compared to when due north.  Why the apparent

Ron Lee