Accelleration 92-36 B stopped?

Leo Barhorst (
Sun, 14 Jan 96 20:02:42 PST

Yesterdaymorning en this morning and evening I observed 92-36 B.
The first observation made me wonder if the accelleration has stopped.
But as the satellite was not so bright and even got dimmer at the end of 
the observation I was not certain wether I've missed one flash at the end.
The obs this morning was even worse; 92-36 B was hardly visible.
This evening however I had a pass straight up through the zenit and could
make a long obs. Flashes were briljant. Sometimes a very faint secondary 
flash was observed shortly after the main maximum, makeing it rather a
double flash.

92-36 B	96-01-13	05:14	 48.3	20	2.415	FF, 5->inv
	96-01-14	03:56	 53.0	20	2.409	FF, 6->inv
	96-01-14	17:29	120.4	50	2.408	FF, 4->8, ssm

It looks like the period has gone up a bit last week, but is very slowly
goiing down again; or is it just caused by the synodic effect? See Mike
McCants message 9 Jan 1996: 92036B (22007).

We will have to keep an eye on it.
Name: Leo Barhorst

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