what was that amazing flasher I just saw?

Joe A. Dellinger (jdellinger@amoco.com)
Sat, 13 Jan 96 19:50:26 CST

	Just a few minutes ago (center of pass at 7:41PM CST) I saw an
amazing flasher satellite go dead overhead, very slowly from North to South.
My location is Tulsa, Oklahoma (about 36.1983 North, 95.8880 West).

	It had a period of about 2 flashes per second, with peak magnitude
about magnitude 1. It alternated two kinds of minimum, with one about
magnitude 3-4 or so, and the other so deep it disappeared from view entirely
to my naked eyes. One of the most impressive flasher satellites I've ever
seen! Could anyone identify it for me so I could try to see it again? This
would be an excellent one to show kids to get them interested, if it could
be predicted to put on this good a show again!