STS-72 and MSTI 2

Jeffrey C. Hunt (
Fri, 12 Jan 1996 10:27:10 -0500 (EST)

Some good news for following Endeavour.  NASA's
is creating updated files now. The presskit is finally available.  Below 
is an excerpt which I found interesting.  I believe the time mentioned
is CST (-6UTC).  MSTI 2 is designated 23101, 94-028A 
Jeff Hunt <>
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At 1:38 AM this morning, Duffy and Jett conducted a brief firing of the
orbiter's reaction control system jets to alter Endeavour's orbit slightly
and to avoid a close encounter with an orbiting Air Force satellite   
nicknamed MISTY (MSTI). The satellite was launched in May 1994 from     
California's Vandenberg Air Force Base on a Scout rocket, but is no longer
active. Without the maneuver, Endeavour would have passed within 
8/10 of a mile of the satellite. With the maneuver, Endeavour remained 
more than 5 miles away from MSTI.
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