SV: my introduction
Mon, 8 Jan 1996 10:25:33 +0100 (Jacob Nevins) wrote :

>>>...presumably you'll need a complete set of elements
>>> for July '94. Out of curiosity, does anyone archive old elsets?
>>> (OIG?) Here's the details if you or anyone else want to give it
>>> a stab:

OIG does not make old elsets available. I save all the elsets I grab
from OIG, and all packaged elset files I take from kilroy and other
sites. Most are on badly indexed diskettes, but I found a large file
from late June-94.
The RPV BBS (+1-541-310-7299) has an very good archive of small to
giant TLE files, and may publish a CD-ROM  =20
( and
have the Molczan and Thomson files via ftp, and     is  TS Kelso's archives

>>> Date:  1994-07-22
>>> Time:  2000-2100 BST (1900-2000 GMT)
>>> Place: 50d5m32s N, 5d31m45s W, 10-20m up

According to my program, the Sun didn't set until 2017 GMT !!
(In direction 303 degrees)

>>> What I saw was a bright light setting in the west, northward of
>>> where the Sun had set, moving visibly but probably not as fast

>>> From what I've read here and elsewhere it seems strange that
>>> this object was travelling in the same apparent direction as the
>>> Sun, from east to west. Presumably that would help pin down its
>>> identity.

These directions seem to imply an inclination of more than 100 degrees,
and as you seem to be aware of, those are very few ( and faint )
The only real candidate is SeaSat 1, #10967, often bright, but
in my experience never flashing periodically. However, it passed
overhead around 14:36 and set in NW around 14:44 UT.

>>> I'd be most interested to know what it was.

I'll try to get some ideas from launch/decay info,
and let SkyMap search my elset(s) for more candidates.

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