Re: my introduction

Jacob Nevins (
Sun, 7 Jan 96 22:02:24 GMT

On 6th Jan Bjorn Gimle ( wrote of 
my introduction:

 b> Welcome !
 b> I often like to try to identify unknown objects.

OK, thanks...presumably you'll need a complete set of elements 
for July '94. Out of curiosity, does anyone archive old elsets? 
(OIG?) Here's the details if you or anyone else want to give it 
a stab:

Date:  1994-07-22
Time:  2000-2100 BST (1900-2000 GMT)
Place: 50d5m32s N, 5d31m45s W, 10-20m up

What I saw was a bright light setting in the west, northward of 
where the Sun had set, moving visibly but probably not as fast 
as something like Mir. For a while (less than 30 secs) it seemed 
to disappear then started to flash. Afraid I didn't think to 
time the period but from memory it was somewhere between one 
second and three or four. The flashes appeared uniform in 
brightness as far as I can recall. Since the sky was still 
fairly bright (although the Sun had set from where I was there's 
a hill covering 10-20 degrees of sky in that direction) the 
thing's magnitude must have been comparable to Venus at its 
brightest (-4 or so?).

(told you they were lousy measurements :-)