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Sun, 7 Jan 96 14:59:25 PST

Re: SeeSat archivenr 1398

Jim Varney misinterpeted my qoutation of King-Hele !
K-H stated that if you use ONLY th obs from NavSpaSur and NO obs from other 
sources you have the possibility of bias. 
Thank you for the other info on USSPACECOM.

Re: SeeSat archivenr 1385

>Matthew Francey asks if the 810 kW power radiated continously is the ERP or the 
>actual power fed into the array.
This is not explained in the text; but as it is the power radiated continously I guess it is 
the ERP. 

> Matthew guessed that the dipoles are end-to-end, as in: - - -  - - -  - - - .
The photo is not that clear. It is an arial view. It shows a huge row of horizontal rods at 
right angles to the lenght of the array, but it is not certain that these are the dipoles or 
just the supports for the dipoles. As it is stated that the transmitter runs north-south for 
more than 3 km, the rods are aligned east-west. I'm therefore certain that the actual 
dipoles  run north-south over the supporting rods; and thus transmitting a 3 km long 
east-west beam. Waves are transmitted at richt-angles to the antenna.

>it would be interesting to see the picture.
I cann't scan the picture, but anyone sending me a self-adressed envelope with an 
international postal-reply coupon will get a phocopy of this picture.
Send to: Leo Barhorst, Volkerak 21, 1826 AG Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

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