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Given the interesting posts about NAVSPASUR, you may be interested in some
excerpts from a paper by Major P. Jackson of the USSPACECOM circa 1993
at a conference on debris tracking.  Leo Barhorst quoted King-Hele

>Desmond warns for the possibility of bias, as the NavSpaSur observations are all made 
>from 33 degrees N and no other observations are available or used in the orbit 

This is at odds with data presented by Major Jackson; in fact, she presented
a lengthy table showing a large, world-wide infrastructure used for satellite
tracking.  USSPACECOM is a unified command, drawing on the Army Space Command
(USARSPACE), Naval Space Command (NAVSPACECOM) and the Air Force Space Command
(AFSPACECOM).  NAVSPASUR is merely one of the facilities tapped by USSPACECOM
for its tracking data.

Major Jackson's list of facilities:

System      Location                     Band        Range(km)     Debris?

ALCOR       Kwajalein Atoll              C           5555
ALTAIR      Kwajalein Atoll              UHF/VHF     40000
FPQ-14      Antigua                      C           2300
FPQ-15      Ascension                    C           1600
FPS-92      Clear, Arkansas              UHF         5555
HAYSTACK    Millstone Hill, Mass.        X           35000
COBRA DANE  Shemya Islands               L           5555
FPS-85      Eglin, Florida               UHF                       Yes
FPS-49      Fylingdales, UK              UHF         5555
NAVSPASUR   Dahlgren, Virginia (HQ)      Cont Wave   8100
FPQ-14      Kaena Point, Hawaii          C           1800
MILLSTONE   Millstone Hill, Mass.        L           35000
FPS-79      Pirinclik, Turkey            UHF         4300
PAVE PAWS   Cape Cod, Mass.              UHF         5555
            Beale AFB, Marysville, Calif
            Robins, Georgia
            Eldorado, Texas
PARCS       Cavalier, North Dakota       UHF         3200
SAIPAN      Saipan Islands               C           2500
SPAR        Thule AFB, Greenland                     5555


AMOS        Maui, Hawaii                 Vis.,LWIR   35000
GEODSS      Socorro, New Mexico          Visible     35000      
            Taegu, Korea                 Visible     35000      Yes  
            Maui, Hawaii                 Visible     35000
            Diego Garcia, Indian Ocean   Visible     35000
MOTIF       Maui, Hawaii                 Vis.,LWIR   35000
SITU        St Margaret, Canada          Visible     35000

Given the age of the information and in light of the base closures and
realignments within the U.S. military, I would assume today's operations
differ from what is shown above.  Regardless, it is clear that USSPACECOM
relies on far more than just one sensor installation for its tracking data.

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