An introduction

Jacob Nevins (
Fri, 5 Jan 96 20:59:23 GMT

Since I've been lurking here for over a week it's about time I 
introduced myself.

I'm an 'A'-level student living in Newlyn, Cornwall, UK. I've 
watched astronomy from the sidelines for most of my life, but 
due to a semi-urban setting, weather, lack of equipment and 
general idleness I've done little observing myself.

In July of 1994 however I happened to see a tumbling satellite 
at sunset; this was my first inkling that it was possible to see 
with the naked eye these devices one reads so much about (I have 
some lousy observations if anyone wants to have a stab at 
identifying the object; it seems to have been travelling from 
east to west).

Soon after I got a modem in '95 some predictions for Mir were 
posted to sci.astro.amateur and with the aid of these and good 
weather I managed to observe the station three times. Since then 
I've seen it once or twice with the aid of Traksat (the last 
time I saw it was during rev #55485).

I found out about seesat-l from a reply by Walter Nissen to my 
request for current Mir elsets in sci.astro.amateur.

Regards - Jacob Nevins
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