Ecuador Event

Jeffrey C. Hunt (
Sat, 6 Jan 1996 00:06:36 -0500 (EST)

The following post was received on SeeSat-L on Dec 26, 1995.  Mr. Meyer 
recently contacted me again asking for specific times that may have been 
published by OIG.  To my knowledge OIG only reported the date. My response
to Mr. Ashcraft and Mr. Meyer was that Cosmos 398 reportedly decayed either 
2100 miles SW of Hawaii at or around 20:15 UTC and/or just north of the 
Falkland Islands at or around 20:40 UTC on 10 Dec.
The Orbital Insertion Group (OIG) at Goddard did not report any decays
for Dec 9.  However, OIG does not always report all decays.  If anyone 
knows of any orbital decays for Dec 9 please contact Mr. Meyer as noted
below.  Jeff Hunt <>

                      RE: DEC 9--ECUADOR EVENT

     * From: Thomas Ashcraft   
     * Date: 26 Dec 95 11:44:04 EST
There was a possible fireball event that occurred over Ecuador on December 9,
1995. It is a mystery and people there are wondering if it might be decay
related. I will copy in the message that originated from the meteor network.
Thanks for any help on this. I will forward any responses to Ecuador.

Thomas Ashcraft
Radio Fireball Observatory
35 42 N  105 57 W
Santa Fe, New Mexico
From: Robert E. Meyer
Vice President
Cuenca Astronomy Association
Subject: Ecuador Event

I mentioned in a previous message about a loud noise heard over quite an
area around Cuence, Ecuador on December 9, 1995. A reading was recorded on
three area seismography starting at about 1451 local time (1951 GMT). The
local seismolagist is not able to figure out what his recording indicate.

1.  Is there someone on your Net who could evaluate these seismograph
records? I have a copy of the program and the data during this event and 

3.  I think I could send it e-mail if someone can help us identify just what
happened and exactly where.

2.  News here is that a 25 year old Russian space craft was to have fallen
into the Pacific some time the first part of this month. Could someone check
to see exactly when and where this happened. Could it or part of it have
come into this area?

There are a lot of rumors about what happened and we would like to get any
solid data possible as to what might have happened.

I would appreciate any help that you can give us and I will keep you posted
as to anything that we may find out here.

Robert E. Meyer
Vice President
Cuenca Astronomy Assoiation
Robert E. Meyer
Casilla 01-05-1822
Cuenca, Ecuador 
Phone 593-7-880-801