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Fri, 5 Jan 96 11:24:40 PST

Ariane 5
The planned launch of the first Ariane 5 has slipped about 3 weeks to early May. 
The test firing of the first stage motor was succesful in late december.

On Dec 28 Russia launched with a SL-6 booster the Indian Earth resource satellite 
IRS-C and the US military research satellite "Skipper". Orbit 500 mi, incl. 97 deg.
But Skipper will be gradually lowered into an 80 x 90 mi. orbit using its hydrazine 
thrusters. The spacecraft is then used for aerobraking and aerthermal chemistry studies 
related to the performance of reentry vehicles entering the atmosphere.
***(lb) It will be interesting to follow this satellite, if recent TLE's become available.***

Aviation Week & Space Technology, January 1, 1996.
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