Index-files + Subscribers list at archive

Fri, 05 Jan 1996 00:27:40 +0100 (CET)

Sorry to bother you again with non-satellite related administrative stuff.

First off, the SeeSat-L index file I was referring to in an earlier message
only contains the most recent messages, so far. I've now prepared two bigger
files that contain subject, author and date of all messages since message 515.
To receive these files, send a message with in the 'SUBJECT:' field the word
'archive' and in the body of the message two lines :

get latest/index515to1000
get latest/index1000to1367

Send this message to

On a related note, some people have asked me to make a list of subscriber's
addresses available at the SeeSat-archive. I know that with some mailing
list software, this is a standard option. For those mailing lists, it is
usually also possible to keep your name off that publicly available list, if
you want to protect your privacy (for whatever reason).

SeeSat-L does not have such an option, so if I would make the list of
addresses publicly available, everyone would be on it. If you don't want
me to make that list available, or don't want your name on it, please let
me know. I will warn all future subscribers that I intend to make a list
of subscribers available at the archive and that they can be kept out of
such a list by mailing me. But I felt I needed to inform all current

   Bart De Pontieu (