SeeSat Index available at archive

Wed, 03 Jan 1996 21:50:35 +0100 (CET)

Several people suggested it might be useful that the SeeSat-L archive
contain an index-file of all messages sent out by SeeSat-L. This file is
now available and will in the future be automatically updated as soon as
a message appears on SeeSat-L. Per message sent out, the file contains
an entry consisting of three lines, e.g. :

1367 Maneuvre of 95-72 A ?
Date:  Wed,  3 Jan 1996   16:15:40  +0100

Line 1 gives the message number, followed by the subject. Line 2 gives the
author and finally line 3 gives the date as it appears in the header of the
mail message.

Taking a look at the index-file can help people determine whether they
have missed certain messages due to mailing problems (which occur all
too frequently).
To receive the index-file, send a message with 
Subject: archive get latest/index

I hope it works :-) [this message is part of the testing of the new procedure
I wrote...]

    Bart De Pontieu