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Tue, 2 Jan 96 19:33:14 PST

Refering to the front page of Flash.
>Jay Respler asked: What does the figure #94-42 mean on the Flash-cover?

The drawing of the spaceshuttle and the dockingmodule of MIR (Kristall-module) was 
made by Christiaan Dorreman, the oldest son of Bram Dorreman, also a member of 
our group, who I'll  send a copy of this reaction.
The spacecraft are drawn above the southwest of the Netherlands and the northwest of 
Belgium. The towns of Brugge, Gent and Antwerp are viible f.l.t.r.
The mark # 94-42 on the Kristallmodule refers to the time in which the drawing was 
made; i.e. week 42 of 1994. The first Flash with this cover was the january 1995 iisue.
The little sign in front of the mark are the initials of CHristiaan Dorreman: C D; expressed 
in an artistic way

Hope this answers your last question

Name: Leo Barhorst

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