RE: Sightings!
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 11:00:24 +0100

>>Concluding, I feel we don't see enough sightings on SeeSat-L. I have no
>>idea about what most people on the list are observing.
>>Anyone agree/disagree ?

Jay Respler wrote:

>I don't need routine sightings like 'I saw Mir last night', but unusual
>sightings such as 'STS seemed to have a tail', or 'Debris objects are  =20
>Mir', are welcome.

This is the essence of my feelings, which I described to Josh,
when I first saw his proposal on his WWW site.

I believe the purpose of seesat-l is to help visual observers,
and in addition to the above I would like to add 'Unidentified
satellite?' 'Unexpected flash from...'  'Possible decay obs.'
'Flash period/pattern changed for... ' , and flash pattern/
magnitudes of new objects, and observations that disagree in
time/position with predictions, because of bad elsests, high
drag, or satellite maneuvres / reboosts.

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