(fwd) ASTRID Microsatellite Now In Orbit

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Subject: ASTRID Microsatellite Now In Orbit
Date: 24 Jan 1995 16:04:01 GMT
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The ASTRID microsatellite was launched on time at 0354:22 UT 
January 24 by a Kosmos-3M booster from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome 
in Russia. The achieved orbit is 1000 km circular at 83 deg

The first contact with Swedish Space Corporation's Esrange
ground station in Northern Sweden (68 N 21 E) took place at 
0532-0545 UT. Telemetry indicated all was normal. 

The second pass over Europe took place at 0719-0735 UT and solid 
S-band telemetry was again received indicating normal temperatures, 
18 rpm spin rate (16 rpm was the intended rate) and a solar aspect 
angle (angle between spin axis and the sun line) of 41 degrees. 

The solar panels were deployed shortly after 0900 UT and the spin rate 
dropped to 13 rpm, as expected.

Sven Grahn (sg@ssc.se)
General Manager
Science Systems Division
Swedish Space Corporation