Flash 89, PPAS 5 and Sat 4.75 available on the archive

Mon, 23 Jan 1995 18:25:33 +0100 (CET)

Flash 89 of January 1995 is now available at the seesat-archive. Send a
message with Subject : archive get flash/flash89.ps to seesat-l-request
to receive the postscript-file (248100 bytes) of Flash 89.

Flash is the monthly newsletter of the Belgian Working Group Satellites
(which I'm coordinating). Flash 89 has 23 pages. Here are the titles of
the articles :

page 3  Observational Flashes
     5  Satflash 6.3 released
     7  Decays in the coming months
     8  Introduction to Artificial Satellite Observing
     8  Sat 4.75 released
     9  The Year in Review
    12  Observations of Insat 1B (83- 69 B)
    13  The orientation of the rotation axis of 91-29 B
    14  Jonathan's Space Report 223-227
    18  Flash timings of 84- 109 B
    19  Satorama
    20  Recent Observations

People subscribed to Flash will find their printed issue next week
in their mailboxes. The article on page 12 is not included in the postscript
file (since it was available only on paper :-)

The seesat-archive has two updates :

PPAS 5, the most recent version of the flash period measurements archive
of the BWGS contains more than 35000 observations of over 1200 satellites.
Send a message with Subject : archive get ppas/obs/*.obs to seesat-l-request
to receive all 35 files (over 2 Mb in total !!). 

Sat 4.75, the most recent version of the prediction software most Belgian
observers use. A uuencoded and zipped version of the software is available.
Send a message with Subject : archive get sat/sat475.uu to seesat-l-request.