The seesat-l archive

Wed, 11 Jan 1995 17:09:59 +0100 (CET)

I've done some rearranging of the archive lately, it has now become a bit
more structured.

These are now the subdirectories :

flash      : contains the postscript-versions of the two most recent issues
             of the newsletter Flash (of the Belgian Working Group Satellites).
             These files are larger than 200 Kb.

latest     : contains almost all the messages that were ever sent out on 
             seesat-l since it started at the end of November 1994.

obs        : contains messages about observations that are too large to be
             sent out on seesat-l. Currently it holds postscript files of
             Bjoern Gimle's flash period measurements.

ppas       : contains a part of the Photometric Periods of Artificial
             Satellites database (PPAS). This is the archive of the BWGS, it
             holds more than 30000 flash period measurements of over 1000

program    : contains the most recent updates of the program of satellites
             that the BWGS likes to get flash period measurements of.

sat        : contains the prediction software 'Sat' (uuencoded) that is used
             by most BWGS observers.

satflash   : contains 'SatFlash' (uuencoded), a program that allows for
             entering of observations in the PPAS-format, or looking at
             graphs of the flash periods.  

To talk to the archive you need to send a message with a subject line that
starts with 'archive' to

To learn more about the commands the archive software recognizes, send a
message with Subject : archive help

Just one example. If you want to get a directory of these subdirectories
(to see how big the files are e.g.), you should send a message with
Subject : archive ls obs

(or instead of 'obs' the name of another subdirectory)

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