Re: Administrativia

Neil Trevor Clifford (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 14:45:52 +0100

Hello folks,

Just to fill you all in: 

I'm a 25 year old research assistant currently working in a small group
at University College London (England).  We're writing software for the
radar altimeter which is due to fly onboard ESA's Envisat environmental
monitoring satellite in a couple of years or so.  My background is in
Astrophysics and Remote Sensing. 

Basically I've been interested in astronomy and space from the word go.
I've been following satellites for the last 15 years or so, on and off.
Up to now that's been recreational but as soon as I can free myself from
London's light polluted skies (what stars?) I hope to contribute
something more substantial.

In the meantime I've been generating predictions for various people -
especially during shuttle missions and the like, when there is plenty of
'public' interest. This has lead me into writing some web pages around
the subject and, hopefully in the next week or so I plan to start producing
predictions for several sites around Europe (sorry everyone else, I
don't have that much CPU time/disk to spare :-( ) in the hope of encouraging
more people to take up this wierd and wonderful hobby.

And that neatly leads me into a request for criticism (constructive or
otherwise) on the web pages written so far. There is still plenty to add
to them but I'd welcome any comments - aim your web browser at

Many thanks and clear skies,

Neil Clifford                Mail for PGP key           *MIME spoken here*