Wed, 04 Jan 1995 17:32:23 +0100 (CET)

Seesat enters its second month and now has 37 subscribers. I've noticed I know
only a limited number of you. Maybe it's a good idea to ask new subscribers to
write a short introduction about themselves and their interest in satellite
observing. Let's hear your opinion/introductory text, folks.

During the last days you have probably received three copies of Walter Nissen's
trial posting of Jonathan's Space Report. The last two copies are spurious ones
(as you may have noticed from the weird mail-address on them) and Walter is not
to blame for them. I'm still looking into the problem, and I think I have down-
tracked the problem to the machine of our Venezuelan subscriber (Edgar Rincon).
Until I find a solution which guarantees that those ghost messages will no 
longer appear on seesat, I have excluded Edgar Rincon from the seesat-
distribution list.