Advertising seesat-l

Wed, 21 Dec 1994 17:28:47 +0100 (CET)

Seesat-l has been running satisfactory (except for a few minor problems)
for about three weeks now. Thanks to our limited publicity campaign 
seesat-l now has 30 observers subscribed. Though I think we're not ready
yet to advertise seesat-l on Usenet or the like, I do think it would be
a good idea if each of you invited other satellite observers of his
acquaintance to join seesat-l. Below you find a text Walter Nissen has sent
out to his satellite correspondents, and which you might want to use to
write your own invitation message.
A new mailing list, or mail exploder, SeeSat-L, has been implemented by
Bart De Pontieu.  It is still in the shakedown period, but has already
begun to serve Bjo"rn Gimle, Rainer Kracht, Paul Maley, Mike McCants, BDP,
myself, and a few others to exchange observations, hot news, and important
discussions about visual observations of Earth satellites and the
essential apparatus which supports them.

We don't feel that we are yet ready to open the list up to the wide world
of Internet and BBSs.  We'd prefer to let the most experienced and active
observers, i.e., YOU, have an opportunity to experiment and define its
most important functions.  So we are not yet making a general announcement
on Usenet or BBSs, and are asking that people refrain from making
announcements to groups of people.  But, of course, please do tell people
you think would be able to contribute.

Most of us have had unpleasant or only moderately pleasant experiences
with mailing lists.  We are hopeful this list will attract a low volume of
tightly-focused traffic with a high density of UTILITY to visual
observers, and will therefore be an attractive proposition for our
intended audience.  I intend to send nearly all personal asides, jibes,
gratuitous comments, expressions of personal ego, spelling corrections and
other words of limited usefulness by personal e-mail, and will send
advertisements, ill-formed and lengthy ideas, messages over 100 lines, and
items of marginal topicality only on rare and compelling occasions.

Long messages and files can be sent to BDP with a brief request that he
make it available for request thru the "archive" mechanism and announce
its availability to the list.

Paul, I owe you an apology for shamelessly ripping off the name (well,
almost exactly, the name) of your program.  It just seems to perfectly
express the purpose of the list.

To subscribe, send (an empty) message with subject "Subscribe" to the
administrative address for SeeSat-L:
You may also send phrases like "help" (I recommend it), "archive help",
and "unsubscribe".

To send a message to everyone on the list, use the address:

No doubt there are eminently qualified people to whom I have forgotten to
send this message.  Also there are others, including prominent authors and
longtime contributors, who clearly belong, but for whom I have no e-mail
address.  I would appreciate receiving addresses for all these people from
any of you who might have them, or you may to prefer to contact them
directly.  And also, I would appreciate any comments and suggestions you
may have.

Thank you for your attention.