Re: This list

Thu, 08 Dec 1994 17:40:17 +0100 (CET)

Ryan Rudnicki wrote in seesat/28 :

>>suggestion I have at this point is that the name is potentially confusing,
>>since in some fonts the lower-case L looks like number 1 (l,1) and that
>>will cause some problems, as I've discovered in other lists.  Can the name
>>be changed to spell out "list" instead of "l"??
>>Robert Preston
>Naaaaah.  Set up an alias for the list name and you never have to worry
>about -l again.


By the way, most of you don't know how little time there was between 
conception and realization of the idea for a satellite observers list
(less than 1 day). I just took the best idea from Walter Nissen's list
who had given thought to the name-problem before. 

>But, now that you have brought up the business of the list's name, I'd 
>like to see it changed to something like satsee rather than seesat. 
>Seesat is clever, don't get me wrong, but wasn't there an U.S. satellite
>by that name that was launched around 1978? 

That satellite was and is called 'Seasat'. Like you say, Seesat is clever
and names like 'satobslist' or 'satlist' just don't do much, do they? :-)

>It's probably too late to
>make any sort of name change, but since you brought up the subject Robert,
>I thought I'd put in my 2c worth.

If a majority of the people subscribed feel the name really should change
*and* come up with a name I also like, I will delete 'seesat' and create 
'something-else-l'. But I don't feel much for a change...