What kind of messages on seesat?

Wed, 07 Dec 1994 20:42:29 +0100 (CET)

Walter Nissen wrote in seesat/24 :

>It would be desirable for the latest possible elsets to be provided.  This
>would be a superior use of the bandwidth.  Do we need someone who has
>telnet access to OIG to post these at appropriate times?

I think Frank Weissferdt makes his predictions of decaying satellites
once every two weeks. I don't know where he gets his orbital elements.
Bjoern Gimle has been doing what you suggest (distributing elements of
satellites close to decay) for selected satellites. Maybe one of them 
should look into Walter's suggestion?
>> valuable the board becomes. Examples are: HST, unless something
>> unusual is noted and 10820 (78-42A) which exhibits bright flashes
>> sporadically as a norm.
>Paul, your comments make it clear that both of us are acutely aware of the
>extreme importance of encouraging "valuable" traffic in SeeSat-L.  I
>thought I did a good job of providing a brief, initial message and was
>rather taken aback that you apparently didn't think so.  

I think we should wait a few weeks or so. If it turns out we have 
'HST flashes at mag -6' messages every other day, we can respectfully 
suggest to stop posting those kinds of messages. Until we are acutely
confronted with the hundredth repeat of the same observation, we should
allow all messages. Personally, I think Walter's messages until now were 
just fine.

>Personally, I've never reported more than a small fraction of the OBS I

My mailbox is open to any observation, even confusing ones :-)

>I have a host of OBS of this, but have not reported them because, in part, 
>they are so various and thus seem to be of low-quality.

Send them to me, I will calculate a Fourier spectrum to see if there's
any regularity in it. Or send them to Mike, an informed human can do better
than an FFT :-) :-) 

>won't have to split the list among the OBS hungry and the OBS indifferent.

But seesat is for the observers! 

>Let's encourage people to express their feelings and thoughts about this
>in the near term with the hope that the "meta-" level discussion will lead
>to rough, or at least, tolerable, agreement; and then die down to a very
>low rate.

Good idea, let's hear from you, people!

>Much better to make them available
>through the archive mechanism.  If I understand it correctly, people can
>send long messages to BDP and he can then send a brief message to the list
>specifying the content and the command to be used to retrieve the full

Correct. Just send long stuff to me and I will put it on the archive and
send out a short message about it to seesat.

>It occurs to me that it would be highly useful if this process
>did not involve any manual steps.

That can't be done with the software I have, as far as I know. But the manual
work involved is minimal anyway.
> It should not be a list of
> observations in the PPAS format, it should be something like the
> 'Observational Flashes' in Flash. All IMHO, of course. The observations
> should still be sent directly to me, I think.
>Isn't PPAS the format in which I've been asked to report?

Yes, OK, what I meant to say was if you report observations to seesat-l, you
should write a little text about it, not just send one line containing an
observation in PPAS format. You can, of course, add that line of PPAS format
to your text.