Flash info/Flash available on archive/List of literature and software

Mon, 05 Dec 1994 23:14:26 +0100 (CET)

Hi everyone,

For the American Flash readers: I accept *American bank cheques* for your
Flash subscription for 1995. Send me a cheque made out to 'James Clemmons'. 
He is an American friend of mine, also working at MPE. If you send *me* a
cheque made out to him, he will cash them in on his American account and
give me the money. This scheme avoids the usual bank costs for a trans-
Atlantic money transferral.

I have put the file 'flash87.ps' on the archive of seesat-l. It is a
postscript file containing the most recent Flash issue. To receive it,
send a message to seesat-l-request with as subject : 
 archive get flash87.ps

You can then print it on your favourite postscript printer. I hope it works.
Most of you have received Flash 87 already, but it's just a test. 

By the way, I advice new users to read the archive. At least three messages
are of interest for observers of decaying and/or flashing satellites!

Finally I have a request for information. I am currently finishing up the
brochure about the WGS activities (in English) and would like some 
information on : 1. A list of satellite observing literature
                 2. A list of prediction software
Does anyone know of such lists, and if not, could you advice me on which
book/article/program I really should mention? Thanks.


PS : number of subscribers to seesat is now 20
PPS : I tried sending this mail with the subject line 'Flash subscription info'
      but it was automatically diverted from seesat-l, since it contained the
      word 'subscription'. That's how good the software is at picking out these
      messages :-)