Thu, 01 Dec 1994 16:17:40 +0100 (CET)

Hi everyone,

Seesat-l is nearing the end of its test phase. I think everything runs
smoothly. I've changed a few of the help-files, esp. the one about the
archive. If you want to see mails that were put on the seesat-l before
you were subscribed, I suggest you send a mail with subject 'archive help'
to seesat-l-request. 

Since traffic has been lower than feared, I think I can lift you from
your oath of silence, i.e. you can tell other people about seesat-l.
Please tell them to send 'subscribe' mails to SEESAT-L-REQUEST . You
might want to send them the help-text (that you can receive by sending
a mail with subject 'help' to the request address).

By the way, message 11 in the subdir 'latest' of the archive (to read it
send a mail with subject 'archive get lastest/11') contains some remarks
on my thoughts about this list. Most of you were not yet subscribed when
I wrote it, hence my repeat.