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Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 17:41:48 -0800
: not have anywhere near the power of which I saw. If that, perhaps
: so powerful is to avoid the slightest conflict.

I live on an inbound flight path.  On rare occasion, craft will flash their
airport approach lamps (landing lights) depending on what is happening in
the area of the airport about thirty miles from me to ensure they are seen
on approach.  Sometimes it is a single lamp, sometimes two lamps
alternating.  I can see them out fifty to sixty miles, usually just a bright
steady and slow flash.

I have several airport approach lamps that I bought surplus to play with.
They aren't overly powerful, 250W, but on the ground they can illuminate an
object at a measured 26 miles.  Some of these lamps reach 1,000 Watts (1kW),
so a powerful lamp on a craft is not uncommon.

What I have seen lately that I consider unusual on craft is forward focused 
LED green and red lamps that flash at 10-12 Hz alternating.


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