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From: Karl Urban via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 20:27:39 +0100
Dear satellite enthusiasts,

I hope you can help me:

I am science journalist based in Germany, currently working on the topic
"conflict in space". I want to tell the story of how some countries are
apperently developing methods to make some kind of "satellite warfare" -
or at least hinder satellite operations of a potential enemy. Which
might be quite dangerous if mankind wants to have satellites in the
future - and since space debris is already a big issue.

I want to focus on some of the bigger incidents by the bigger space
powers (China, US, Russia). But I also want to tell things about more
secret developments [1].

Since official statements are difficult to get I want to focus on this
very interesting aspect of space: nothing is invisible. There are
experts as you (in this list) who observe the sky - and you can find out
a lot about maneuvres conducted in orbit.

Therefore I am looking for someone able and willing to tell me of the
work of "satellite spotters". This person should have some experience,
e.g. having found some satellites / some of their otherwise unpublished

As a bonus, this person should live on a place I could visit, so a place
somewhere around Germany would be great. I would bring just a
microphone, so no pictures / and no camera.

My background: My journalistic work focuses on space and geoscience
topics. I work for several public radio stations, major newspapers and
online media.

I take any help I could get: suggestions of interesting people and also
interesting facts. Thank you!


[1] e.g.

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