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Date: Tue Feb 19 2013 - 08:32:35 UTC

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    It would thus seem that many members of this group have a means of correcting the now non-standard HTML IOD submissions, or alternatively never look at them... 
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    On 2/18/2013 03:55, Ian Roberts wrote:
    > p.s I've just discovered a bug in Yahoo! Mail. If the "troublesome" IOD reports are dummy replied to to enable Yahoo! Mail to change the format to plain text the missing space is regenerated.and the IOD passes the parsing scrutiny. Presumably submissions in HTML format fail, as in manually typing in the content in the mail client, while those complied elsewhere and pasted in as plain text are OK. I use the latter method for submissions, using an app sent to me by Scott Cambell.
    as noted previously by someone else, HTML packs all normal spaces into one 
    space... this is not a bug... if you want multiple spaces displayed in HTML, you 
    have to use "& nbsp ;" for each space... yes, i broke that specifically so that 
    everyone could see it... remove the spaces so that the ampersand and semicolon 
    are flush against "nbsp"... "nbsp" stands for "no blank space" and it is a 
    different type of space than we normally thing of as spaces in the ASCII world...
    perhaps you can configure your yahoomail to *display* messages as plain text 
    instead of html?
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