Re: Satellite ID for my daughter please

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Date: Sun Feb 17 2013 - 17:59:13 UTC

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    Thanks guys,
    Jon> ERS-1 did not show up on the general list for me, odd, but yes it is there when I dig it out of the database ! I'll have to investigate that later.
    Björn> Interesting to know that you keep H-A updated with military sats 
    Russell> "NOSS3-5 ,,,Direction would be more NW-SE," Ah! well I had hoped that 'a pair' would be diagnostic, I dont often see those. So that would be a good pick. [Between you and me, it is not unusual for daughter to get east and west mixed up (sometimes the sun has been observed setting in the east !!!) 
    but she can pick out the major constellations ok (Cygnus, Cass., U.maj, U.min etc) so the east-west thing is more dyslexia than daft ! and we were speaking on the phone, so next time we meet I'll get her to stand with me in te garden and point ;) ]
    I'll check with her about Polaris, I would have thought she would know that one as well.
    I have no experience with iPods so dont know how reliable that is.
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